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All About Lykkelig Design

Hello my name is Katrine and I am a textile artist based in the Cambridgeshire fens. I'm half danish and I got my business name from our family name. Lykkelig is a state of happiness. Creating and making art helps me personally strive for a state of contentment and satisfaction. I am influenced by the nature that surrounds me and especially inspired by my daily wanderings into  the fens.
I have a foundation in textiles from Norwich school of art, a BA Hons & PGCE in film & Photography from Sheffield Hallam and an MA in Film archiving  from the UEA. My previous work revolved around conducting research in humidity and temperature controlled archives, film transfering restoring old films and finding hidden treasures. 
As an artist I strive to  combine my love of textiles, photography and archiving; I am on a creative journey and  these are the areas I hope to explore further.

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